Our Vision

We want to create a future in which Japanese companies will be leading the world of business through their most important resource – people.

Our forefathers developed a new era of culture and economy within the few decades following the Meiji Restoration.

It has been said that "Japan is a small country with no natural resources – the only resource we is its people.
" The Japanese have historically had a high purpose in mind
and acted with agility and determination – the traditional source of our competitiveness.

The source of competitiveness is the same for modern Japan.
What is lacking today is a clear pathway based on global standards to nurture our people.

Global Academy will fill the void by establishing appropriate credentials needed to become a global talent.
It will do so by designating a step-by-step process to "climb up the mountain.
" To reach the top of the mountain, however, we need your determination and diligence.

Together, we can enable Japan to compete (again).