Consortium Member Program

Global Academy offers two programs for our Consortium Member Companies:

A face-to-face program for middle-managers
An Online-training program for front-line workers

Face-to-face program

By interfacing and interacting with the leading thinkers and practitioners in the world
– in business and business – you will gain new insights and learn what it means to grasp the essence
and have a larger purpose. By working together in a team with other members,
your mind will be stretched and your network will be enlarged.


  • #1) April 19 "Can a Large Company Re-invent Itself?"

    (Prof. Hirotaka Takeuchi, Chairman, Global Academy K.K./Professor, Harvard Business School)
  • #2) May 17 "Leadership in Crisis: Ernest Shackleton and the Epic Voyage of the Endurance"

    (Takeshi Niinami, President and CEO, Suntory Holdings)
  • #3) June 14 "Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future"
    (Joi Ito, Director MIT Media Lab)
  • #4) July 5 "Elevating Your Presence to Hollywood Level"
(Yoko Narahashi, Casting director and Film producer)
  • #5) July 26 "A Historian's View on the Financial Crisis"

    (David Moss, Professor, Harvard Business School)

Online-training program

You will be exposed to the latest online contents that are available throughout the world as pilot users.
You will gain “first-mover advantage” in becoming an exemplar of what
Global Academy is aiming to create in the future -- global business talent.